Title-pawn stores ‘keep the indegent bad. ’ Who’s protecting Georgians from financial obligation traps?

“It’s actually a choice agreement buying their car back, ” explained Clifford Carlson, a Macon-area bankruptcy lawyer that has battled title-pawn businesses in court.

Brian McGhee, a barber in Warner Robins, Georgia, borrowed cash from a title-pawn business and stated he got caught with debt trap. He paid thinking that is monthly had been paying off the mortgage however it mostly decided to go to charges and interest. Image due to The Telegraph.

Significantly more than couple of years after taking right out a title “loan, ” McGhee settled it giving the 1999 Crown Victoria to a buddy in return for the buddy paying down what he owed. He had been away from financial obligation, but additionally away from a vehicle. Read more ›

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