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Basic Forms Of Bondage Toys and Bondage Gear

Bondage Toys and Dungeon Furniture Bondage Toys and Bondage Gear are perfect to make that space or cellar as a complete bondage sanctuary. Have a look at our complete variety of bondage furniture, including stockades, spreaders and fucking devices offered by Fetish Toy Box

Wrist and Ankle Cuffs or Restraints Bondage Toys and Bondage Gear xx redtube like Cuffs, rope and ties to help keep arms and legs from the action and taken care of. Cuffs are superb for simplicity of use.

Spreader Bars Bondage Toys and Bondage Gear to help keep legs and arms distribute aside and restrained for better access and immobilization.

Utilize spreader pubs to help keep your sub in position, in a particular place or not able to walk. Read more ›

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