Most readily useful initial schedule that is daily 6u: get up (set the security) and shower…

3.1: Intro The intro consist of 4 sets of concerns, all the responses give various characteristics and abilities, you m.asiancammodels will need to select a skill that is bad have the ability to choose a 4th concern A) martial arts (skill: fighting techinques, fitness +3) B) golf (skill: golf, fitness +2, charm +1) C) cooking (skill: cooking, charm +2, knowledge +1) D) dance (skill: dance, charm +2, fitness+1) E) absolutely absolutely nothing (knowledge+1, charm+1, fitness+1) 2: A) videogames (skil: videogames, knowledge+1, fitness+1, charm +1) B) fitness (fitness +3) C) partying (charm +3) D) reading (knowledge +3) E) electric guitar (skill: electric electric guitar, charm +3) F) nothing (knowledge+1, fitness+1, charm +1) 3: A) absolutely absolutely absolutely nothing (skips 4) B) unlucky C) debt D) animal hated 4: A) marathon (fitness+3) B) people person (charm +3) C) consuming competition (skill: iron stomach knowledge+1, fitness+1, charm+1) D) best of class (knowledge+3) E) no rest (till Brooklyn! ) (skill: no rest, knowledge +2) F) hung (skill: hung, charm+2, fitness +1 (such as fit this inside of you, booyah! ))

Most useful initial day-to-day routine imo 6u: get up (set the security) and shower, Bree will request you to keep, this can net you lp together with her if you’re hung 7u: watch television or do a task 8u: kitchen area with Bree, compliment her (free action, when a day), this may either increase lp or decrease it but we will obtain it right back immediately anyhow, communicate with her 9u: home with Sasha, compliment her (free action, when each day), consume with her, additionally take in the coffee (your power level should always be 8 which brings you straight back at 10 at no cost)

10u: workplace: strive 14u: workplace: strive 18u: house: either television with Bree (when you yourself have enough lp together with her) or watch for 2 hours (your fun amounts are way too low doing whatever else) 20u: eat using the girls 21u: television with Sasha (when you yourself have enough lp together with her) 23u: sleep

3.2: Events crucial: events are just essential due to tale flags, they may be also good sourced elements of lp and kp, nonetheless: simply that you have to start over, you can fail all the events and still receive the full experience because you don’t have the necessary stats doesn’t mean

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