About Integrations. You are able to link a supported ecommerce shop or manually link a web site to Mailchimp.

You can view and manage your integration on the Integrations page in your account when you connect your store or website to Mailchimp. Quickly review your market settings, create custom pop-up forms, or make use of Mailchimp’s effective ecommerce tools to market more material.

In this specific article, you will find out about the Integrations web web page in Mailchimp.

Prior to starting

  • You are able to link a supported ecommerce shop or connect a website manually to Mailchimp.
  • When you connect a supported shop, it is possible to access our suite of ecommerce features including abandoned cart emails and postcards, product retargeting emails, promo codes, and much more. In the event that you add our rule to an internet site builder or manually link a website, it is possible to access pop-up types and internet retargeting adverts.
  • To see the ecommerce features supported by an integration, look at the integration’s listing in your bank account.

Access Integrations

The Integrations page in your account is when you’ll access and handle web sites and platforms that share information together with your Mailchimp account.

To get into the Integrations web page, follow these steps.

  1. Click your profile title, and select Connect.
  2. Click Integrations.

On that web web page, you can actually link a supported ecommerce shop, generate customized code to increase your site builder, or manually link your site to Mailchimp.

Link your ecommerce shop

Any time you link a supported store that is e-commerce Mailchimp, we will walk you through the method. The actions you are taking in order to connect will be different with respect to the kind of shop you have got.

Take a look at one of these brilliant articles to master just how.

Link your internet site builder

By using Squarespace or WordPress, include our rule to your internet site in order to connect it to Mailchimp. Read more ›

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