A brand new intercourse buddy whom’ll have non-safe sex to you has most likely had unsafe sex along with other sex buddies.

I will be a new man that is gay happens to be therefore freaked away because of the notion of getting an STI that We have actuallyn’t gotten with anyone for 2 years. But yesterday evening, we installed with a lovely 21-year-old FTM trans kid, and perhaps I let caution go, and no condom was used because it was a person with lady parts. Exactly just How concerned must I be about having made a child with somebody who is too young to possess one?

Careful Homo In Loopy Dilemma

P.S. He could be on hormone treatment.

Here is a great principle for several you sex-havers nowadays: a sex that is new whom’ll have unsafe sex with you has most likely had non-safe sex along with other intercourse buddies. Read more ›

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