7 Effective Tools to Inspect Slow GPU Performance After Virus Removal

Missing or corrupted DLLs are, together with missing or corrupted Registry keys, the most common cause for most Windows errors and issues. If that doesn’t work, you can use another keyboard trick: Select the application window by clicking on it in the taskbar, then tap Alt + Space, which will open a menu on the missing window. Microsoft may want to consider renaming the now-infamous Windows 10 October Update version 1809. Once you complete these steps, the screen will no longer change its orientation automatically as you rotate the device. The keyboard shortcuts saves me lot of time.

To disable access to the Registry Editor, first make sure the account you want to restrict access in is an administrator account. You can set your own active hours by clicking on the Change” link next to the current active hours. The newer, more advanced functions—placing calls and interacting with the phone’s home screen—are limited to a smaller subset of devices (Galaxy Phones and recent OnePlus phones, basically).

Security updates to Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Scripting Engine, Windows App Platform and Frameworks, Windows Input and Composition, Windows Media, Windows Fundamentals, Windows Authentication, Windows Cryptography, Windows Datacenter Networking, Windows Storage and Filesystems, Windows Wireless Networking, the Microsoft JET Database Engine, Windows Kernel, Windows Virtualization, and Windows Server.

I too have installed Windows 10 Home edition within the last 8 hours and believe it or not, I managed to set it up with a local account. In Windows 10, the Settings app , along with the Control Panel, lets you change a wide range of settings to unarc.dll customize your experience, and change system, network, account, and privacy settings. To test out if it’s working, browse to a website you want to share with Windows 10 and tap the options button and then Share.

We all know, by default, updates are downloaded and installed automatically. If you protect your username with a password, nobody can access your files. A DLL (Dynamic Link Library) file is nothing but a set of instructions which can be called upon by any software installed in your Windows system to do certain things when needed. This is called when the user moves their finger across the screen or drags with the mouse.

To configure this behavior through Group Policy, go to Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Update and select Configure auto-restart required notification for updates. I would turn this off and rely on the keyboard and mouse instead of having Windows constantly listening in case you happen to be talking to it. There are also a variety of bug fixes and small improvements, including fixing an issue where some users experienced a 0x8007000E error code while downloading the build due to high RAM consumption, and updating the new File Explorer search to be dark when used in dark theme.

The next time updates are available, you will see a notification in the Action Center that You need some updates. View More Settings: Open the Zoom web portal to adjust settings not available in the Zoom client. There are also more than a dozen bug fixes, including for one in which the Performance tab of Task Manager wouldn’t expand from a collapsed state if you double-clicked on the text, and another that could cause Windows to hang after resuming from hibernation.

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