An old sex servant’s terrifying ordeal: “just I knew something was wrong as he put the blindfold on”

Jill Brenneman lived a nightmare for 36 months. She made a remarkable transformation when she was finally free

We met Jill Brenneman last year at a seminar for intercourse employees in Asheville, new york. Standing behind a podium ironically flanked by crosses, the tall redhead delivered a presentation therefore spellbinding that the viewers appeared to inhale and gasp in unison. Her tale of brutal rape, of slavery, of dungeons, of “50 Shades of Grey” bondage gone horribly awry, had been therefore dark and harrowing that certain wondered just just how she had also survived, never as summoned the energy to face before us.

When I arrived to know her over time, to take pleasure from her dry love of life, her keen cleverness, her dull method of talking that forces one to just simply take down every mask, we discovered one other part of her tale too. Read more ›

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