Russian nature indications to anticipate the current weather: real or false?

1. If swallows fly low, it shall rain soon

This will be an old belief that comes with a description. The swallows consume small blackflies. Whenever rainy climate is approaching, the air humidity rises. The wings for the blackflies have damp and heavy, so that the bugs begin to fly low plus the swallows follow them to feed on them. Furthermore, this climate indication additionally works closely with swifts, while they prey on blackflies, too. Regrettably, this belief helps anticipate only the many weather that is imminent.

2. a sunset that is red upcoming wind during the summer or frost in wintertime

The sunlight spectrum is comprised of various colors and types of radiation. In reasonable climate, your whole range reaches earth, so we see typical white sunshine. In the event that weather worsens and a cyclone seems (that may bring winds and frost), the environment loses its transparency. Some colors of sunlight radiation simply get blocked because of the atmosphere mass, however the light that is red can resist it, and so the sun “becomes red”, making for an amazing sight whilst it sets.

3. Long rains mean good fish simply take

This climate indication is founded on fishermens observations that are. The truth is, fish have an instinct to hide nearer to the base of a pond or even a river to remain safe and after hefty rains and storms complete, they swim right straight back up close to the water area. Additionally, it is easier for a seafood to get the bait in relaxed water.

A fish take can also be good when the bad weather is just on the horizon: the reason is once again linked with insects by the way. They have thicker and come down nearer to the top, while fish rise to feed before they hide from an approaching storm.

4. You ought ton’t swim in available waters after Elijah’s time

In Orthodox Christianity, Elija’s is celebrated on August 2 day. The russians said that Elijah the Prophet had thrown a little piece of ice into the water, so it was too cold to swim after that day in the past. Read more ›

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