Stoneshard Guidelines and Tricks: Assist For Early Survival

Just like the prologue that is difficult the backwoods outside Osbrook is a critical deathtrap in Stoneshard. If you should be having difficulty remaining alive very long sufficient to also complete the very first quest, we have you covered with a bunch of simple Stoneshard tricks and tips.

Each one of these shall help you avoid death longer and earn sufficient silver for better gear.

Much like our other Stoneshard Early Access guides, these guidelines are present at the time of spot Significant changes are required in front of complete launch with many updates. If you notice one thing below that is drastically distinct from everything you’ve skilled, drop us a comment therefore we’ll obtain it updated to your latest spot.

Why don’t we begin simple and easy and work our method down. If you should be having problems because of the prologue, make sure to go up to our walkthrough on that.

how exactly to fill your waterskin in Stoneshard

All the barrels and enter all the homes in Osbrook before tackling the first quest, given to you by Odar on the second level of the barracks, search. Loot any such thing maybe not nailed down.

Various cups, fingernails, straw, barrels, coal chunks, and earrings are up for grabs, and you will them to offer to Jurg the Carpenter or Jebar the Smith for a minor gold boost. That cash should always be placed towards purchasing meals through the vendors in the exact middle of city. But more to the point, you will find bandages while scavenging the barrels. Read more ›

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