QMJC 2020 – Party and Play’: Online hook-up devices and the emergence of PNP practices among gay men february

Team: Adrian Farrugia, Duane Duncan, Gemma Nourse and Nyssa Ferguson (Australian Research Centre in Intercourse, health insurance and community, Los Angeles Trobe University)

Kane Race’s (2015) article ‘“Party and play”: on line hook-up products in addition to emergence of PNP methods among gay males’ is a generative analysis of technologically mediated sexual encounters such as medication usage, or Party ‘n’ Enjoy (PNP) practices. This article traces the arrangement that is complex of, things and surroundings, together understood as ‘infrastructures’, that form these encounters while the types of sociality that emerge therein. Whilst the article has an expansive analysis among these infrastructures, we concentrate mainly on Race’s study of the part of medication usage, generally speaking crystal methamphetamine and GHB (gamma hydroxybutyrate), within these techniques in addition to implications associated with analysis for wellness training.

The content is due to an ‘insider-ethnography’ associated with changing contexts of HIV prevention in Sydney, Australia.

The wider research features a dataset comprised of findings, qualitative interviews and analysis of textual and historic product. In this piece, but, Race mainly works closely with information produced by his or her own involvement when you look at the sociosexual tradition under research. A lot of Race’s argument is founded on an analysis of screenshots of discussion between him and prospective intimate lovers on hook-up phone apps such as for example Grindr and Scruff. Although the dataset could be unknown to scientists more familiar with conventional social science practices commonly experienced in liquor along with other medication journals, the data provide a rich and, certainly, enjoyable encounter utilizing the subject material associated with article. Read more ›

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