Month Bisexual Health Awareness. For instant release:

For instant launch: March 2020 Contact: Laura DelloStritto & Alexandra Bolles Bisexual site Center

BISEXUAL SITE CENTER LAUNCHES 7th ANNUAL BISEXUAL+ WELLNESS AWARENESS TO SPOTLIGHT BISEXUAL+ RESILIENCE, RELEASES SEXUAL HEALTH RESOURCE month. The biHealthMonth that is annual will stress the bisexual+ community’s resilience when confronted with significant stressors and disparities throughout history. Boston, MA The Bisexual site Center (BRC) , America’s earliest nationwide organization that is bisexual will celebrate the 7th yearly Bisexual Health Awareness Month ( BiHealthMonth) social networking campaign throughout March 2020. In 2010 additionally marks the Bisexual Resource Center’s 35th 12 months.

BiHealthMonth, founded and lead annually because of the BRC, raises understanding in regards to the bisexual+ (bi, pansexual, fluid, queer, etc.) community’s social, financial, and wellness disparities; advocates for resources; and inspires actions to enhance bi+ people’s well being. This year’s campaign shall center on resilience. The bisexual+ community accocunts for most of the LGBTQ community and experiences considerably greater prices of real, intimate, social, and psychological physical physical violence and disparities than homosexual and right individuals, in addition to even worse real, psychological, and health that is social. Read more ›

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