‘we have always been deeply in love with my partner’s closest friend’: Sex with my partner’s closest friend

In a online talk with Get Ahead visitors on July 10, enjoy Guru responded their inquiries on love and relationship.

Listed here is the chat transcript that is unedited

S alim: hi, i am marries since 5 years but im also in love with another woman she is my wife’s friend that is best. I simply cant stop considering her. Exactly exactly just what must I do?

Enjoy Guru: Salim, until you want to lose every thing, my advice is certainly not to complete such a thing within the matter. Considering her etc is okay, you’re going to get over it quickly, however if you need your lifetime to keep efficiently, take control of your urges

Venu Thanikal: my spouse isn’t showing desire for intercourse. What you should do. I need to force her by which We weary

Adore Guru: Venu Thanikal, will you be certain it isn’t due to one thing you do/don’t do? Have you attempted having a heart to heart along with her about it? Please do this, you may possibly hear reasons for having your self may very well not have realised till now

Sujeet Singh: personally i think girls are extremely materialistic these days. The love element went and everyone desires more cash and luxury (especially girls in arranged marriages). Read more ›

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