Does feeling actually drawn to some body for the exact same intercourse always suggest you will be homosexual or bisexual?

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Dear straight talk wireless: I’m a woman so when we see other girls with appealing figures nude, we sometimes feel a real attraction. Including my stepsister with who we often share an area. She undresses right in front of me personally and it has no concept we have these emotions. I prefer men and have now dated, but We don’t have actually a steady boyfriend. We have never ever acted on these emotions toward girls and question We ever would, nevertheless they scare me and I also can’t cause them to become disappear completely. Does feeling actually drawn to somebody associated with sex that is same suggest you are homosexual or bisexual?

Concerned in Anaheim

Lisa, 22, Sacramento: numerous teenager girls get through this stage nonetheless it definitely doesn’t suggest you will be homosexual. Many people are inquisitive, it is just whether you function onto it or perhaps not. I experienced emotions such as this in twelfth grade and had been frightened too. My buddies wondered the thing that is same. We also kissed a number of my girlfriends merely to see just what it had been like. It appears funny now. mature webcam But I’m perhaps perhaps not gay and do not will soon be. Don’t panic, you’re normal. Anjanette, 16, Safford, Ariz.: you can find actually girls that are straight there that find girls attractive, however they are neither homosexual nor bisexual. It’s a period.

Scot, 22, San Luis Obispo: it really is normal to get some individuals associated with the same intercourse appealing. Why have actually performers been painting, sculpting and drawing the human anatomy since forever? So far as being drawn intimately, this can you need to be an admiration you can’t mentally organize. Read more ›

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