Many individuals who had been drawn to numerous genders did perhaps maybe maybe not determine as bisexual.

Bisexuality into the 1970s, then, had been a contested and complex sounding identification. People have been interested in genders that are multiple maybe perhaps maybe not recognize as bisexual.

Certainly one of my interviewees, Curtis (b. 1958) stated he ‘just didn’t think about the term bisexual’. 43 other people, including the Hall Carpenter Oral History venture interviewee Christopher (b. 1944), had more politicized rejections associated with term: ‘I’m oppressed due to homosexual oppression. You know, I’m not oppressed for the little bit of me which can be … gladly heterosexual’. 44 In the same time, there have been numerous in 1970s Britain whom did explain by themselves as bisexual. All of whom identified as bisexual although, as Wolff’s struggle over definition suggests, they had varying ideas about what this meant for her study of bisexuality, Wolff interviewed 150 people. 45 The image of bisexuality within the homosexual and press that is mainstream usually focussed on males, in component because of a quantity of male superstars who ‘came down’ as bisexual within the 1970s such as for example David Bowie (although he retracted this in 1983), Elton John, and Marc Bolan. 46 we consequently make use of the term ‘bisexual’ as well as ‘multiple gender attraction’, though it is essential to differentiate between your two. Read more ›

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