Asian Fetish Or “Yellow Fever” Is Causing A Stir At NYU

Maybe you have gotten your yellowish temperature shot yet? No, not too yellowish fever. The other one, one that’s presently taking this national nation by storm. Evidently Asian and Caucasian interracial couples would be the most typical couple that is interracial America, and um, also our timekeeper recently allow slide which he likes the “oriental girls. ” Just what exactly do NYU students think about “yellow temperature? ” We took towards the campus to discover.

“It’s a trend! It’s everywhere you go! ” exclaims T*, a female philosophy student that is asian. “I became with an individual who we thought had been completely normal, until I discovered that each and every one of is own ex-girlfriends had been Asian. ”

Needless to state, T’s individual experiences with “yellow fever, ” also lovingly known as “Asian fetish, ” haven’t been completely positive. In reality, she states, “It’s really distressing. It is maybe perhaps not like they’re genuinely enthusiastic about your tradition. ”

T admits that she does prefer dating guys that are caucasian but rejects the people whom just date Asians. In reality, she contends that lots of Caucasian dudes find Asian girls interesting only since they want to take over their lovers. “They… have masculinity dilemmas, ” she adds. “The label of this Asian woman is a lot like the perfect girl. She’s and she chefs and she cleans and all that shit, you understand. Read more ›

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