Hey, Barney Frank: The Government D Peter Wallison 13, 2011 december

An associate for the economic crisis Inquiry Commission reacts to your meeting with Barney Frank, arguing that with no federal federal federal government’s intervention, there is no housing crisis

On 9, The Atlantic published online an interview with Congressman Barney Frank december. Inside it, he called me personally a “real extremist. ” This name-calling had not been just false but in addition improper to your severity of this issue — which can be whether federal federal federal government housing policy, rather than the banks or even the personal sector, caused the 2008 crisis that is financial. I made the decision to react to both Congressman Frank’s statements as well as the concerns he had been inquired about federal federal government housing policy plus the economic crisis.

We are hearing Republicans into the presidential blame that is primary housing crisis in the Clinton-era push to provide more to the indegent. In your view, exactly just just what caused the home loan crisis and afterwards the monetary crash?

Congressman Frank, needless to say, blamed the crisis that is financial the failure acceptably to modify the banking institutions. In this, he could be after the old-fashioned Washington training of blaming other people for his or her own mistakes. For some of their job, Barney Frank had been the main advocate in Congress for making use of the us government’s authority to force reduced underwriting criteria within the continuing company of housing finance. He made the oft-quoted remark, “I would like to move the dice a bit more in this case toward subsidized housing. Although he claims to possess attempted to reverse course as soon as 2003, that has been the year” instead of reversing program, he had been pressing on when other people had been starting to have doubts.

Their many effort that is successful to impose just exactly exactly what had been called “affordable housing” demands on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in 1992. Read more ›

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