Lesbian Strap-On Dildos: The Best Guide (& Most Readily Useful Intercourse Roles) pt.3

Use Lots (and Lots!) of Lube

Lubricant is usually touted being a ‘must-have’ when talking about intercourse. Why? Because lubricant will make penetration less difficult and a lot more enjoyable.

This is also true in terms of dildos, which can be made from silicone or other synthetic. The product can occasionally ‘snag’ in the skin and result in tugging or pulling. This might be unpleasant at the best and painful at the worst.

So just how much lube should you employ?

The golden guideline of lubricant usage during penetrative intercourse is the fact that there’s never ever lube that is too much.

Before you start, use lubricant to the tip and shaft associated with the vibrator. You can even place lubricant in your hands and finger your partner gently in order to move the lube to her genital opening. Read more ›

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