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picture dictionary for adults – ook just

In March, Linden Labs announced they might be making modifications to your means people would access inworld that is content.

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Linden laboratories is thinking about isolating “Adult Content” from those who are maybe maybe maybe not confirmed to notice it. This might be a summary of this plans coming from reading their weblog and forum articles about any of it.

(1) what’s this all about?

Splitting just exactly exactly what they define as “adult content” from SL folks who are maybe maybe maybe not confirmed to view it. Your blog post is here now:

The definitions are with this web page:

There has been tens of thousands of forum reviews about them currently, with an answers that are few Blondin Linden with this thread:

(2) just exactly How will they are doing this?

At this time, land has two groups, Mature, and PG, and there aren’t any limitations to anyone to go to them.

They will certainly include a brand new category, Adult, and just people who’ve been confirmed should be able to visit/TP, or see search engine results for adult places.

They truly are developing a brand new mainland continent, Ursula, which is all adult ranked sims. Adult ranked estates/islands will always be where these are typically. Some groups and companies will need to relocate to the Ursula, if Linden Labs chooses they need to. You can observe the Ursula sims from the in-world map you cant visit it yet if you search for that sim name, but.

(3) what exactly is verified?

go right to the SL web site, get on your bank account, then make use of either the “Age Verification” or “Update payment Information” links on the left into the blue area. Read more ›

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